With over a decade of experience empowering others to be the best version of themselves, Maurice has developed uncanny ways to push people out of their comfort zone in order to realize their true potential. He believes that everyone is capable of flourishing in their own unique identity, but that too often most carry themselves through life as someone they were never meant to be. Maurice realizes the detriment to living like this as it is something he dealt with for many years himself. That is why he is dedicated to helping as many people as he can realize and live in their true identity.

Services and Products


Student enrichment program focused on character development for middle and high school students

Day of Inspiration

Invite Maurice to spend a day in your building moving from class to class inspiring your students and giving them practical steps to achieve high levels of success in school and life.

The Foreigner

Purchase copies of Maurice’s Novel which tells the story of him immigrating to New York City when he was 14 years old and all the challenges that came with that sudden shift in his life.

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